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2011-09-10 03:31:38 by DJSpire

Removing the Song of Storms remix because it's a terrible misrepresentation of my musical ability and I'm ashamed to have ever produced it.

It reeeaaaalllllllllyyyy sucks. Like, mega-bad.

For a better idea of my abilities, check out my other music.

Edit: I can't remove it? Well, crap. Umm...
Guys, don't ever listen to that again, please just listen to my other music. If you can, forget that it ever existed. Please?


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2011-09-10 06:51:55

I'm going to go listen to it for an hour on loops and laugh at your lacking musical ability.
(jk dog imma check out your other stuff)

DJSpire responds:

Well, that's of course the ONLY way to do it. That's what I would do to me if I made something that atrocious.
Wait, I did.
And I have laughed at myself.


2011-09-30 10:50:17


You should ignore opinions about you and your music.
I know you were not ashamed of song of storms when you submitted it.
But because other people went negative because of this song entering the top 5, it became socially desirable (for you too) to hate it and be ashamed of.

My hint:

Ignore them, do your thing. People that have bad immature remarks towards you. Flame them to death. Be proud on every track you make and see it as trial and error.


DJSpire responds:

No, I was.
Like, honestly.
However, I didn't have a reason to publicly show my hatred towards my own track until a sufficient amount of other people did as well.