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Epic, Chuck Norris would be proud...

Then he would have to roundhouse kick you through your walls.
Love the random "Mr. T" and Mr. Saturns. And the song. And the Super Smash Bros. Reference (Pokey flying and hitting the screen)

Keep it up.

MasaAndMune responds:

Poor deluded Pokey XD. Thanks for the review.

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Good but...

If you pick rock every time, you will win. :(
Liked the model though xD

For the length...

It was a good game for the length of it, though I didn't particularly like the use of the music without strictly crediting Nintendo. Whatever. Good job


Great game! The only thing that I would appreciate would be more melee weapons. But, otherwise, perfect xD

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The production quality, mix style, and arrangement remind me of Beto Ceba's work, one of my favorite trance artists. Props, you deserve the 5 stars.

PhatBoiJ responds:


The beginning started off kinda sad, but very pretty. I really like the guitar's sound, though it could have used just a tiny bit off the top end, it's a bit grating on the ears. The next portion of Wind is very nice; the balance between the rhythm guitar, lead, and the drums is just about perfect. Then in the buildup at about 1:12, the hihat gets distracting with how unnatural it sounds. Back to the acoustic guitar, with a bit of theme-and-variations battling between the left and right panned guitars. The acoustic guitar sounds like the string is pinched. The electric solo near the end reminds me of Santana or Bob Segar. Overall, the piece feels too quiet, like it could have had some extra polish so far as compression and loudifying goes, but I really liked it.
10/10 for continuity
10/10 for composition
8/10 for catchiness
There isn't one part that seems like it's too abrupt of a change, so you get top marks for continuity; the entire piece is composed extremely well, so top marks in composition. However, my personal opinion is that, since it's all in minor it's just a tiny bit unappealing. Also, the way it ends is just kind of uncharacteristic with this kind of music.
-NAC Judge, [mod15]

I like the beginning. A lot. It's really pretty. The vocals could sit more forward in the mix, I'm having a bit of trouble catching the lyrics. There we go, once it got to the chorus, the vocals stood out more. I think the snare/clap sample could be a bit different; it sounds like it's clipped; it also feels really high end heavy, a bit more body in the snare would help quite a bit. On another note, you've got some nice flow. The backbeat could live with a bit more variation, it's pretty much the same through the entire song. I think that the harmonic progression you chose, the chords you used worked really well for this song. And personally, I prefer the singing portions to the rapping portions, but that's neither here nor there.
10/10 for continuity
9/10 for composition
8/10 for vocals
8/10 for catchiness
I think the vocals could be redone, they seem a bit muddy or hard to understand at some points. Or maybe if you brought the vocals a tiny bit more forward in the mix or panned some of the other sounds off center, it would help make the vocals more clear.
-NAC Judge, [mod15]

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