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Working on an album!

2011-10-02 22:46:54 by DJSpire

Alright, Newgrounds.

I first want to say, if you haven't already listened to my more recent music, I urge you to do so. It's better than what I started the year off with. By leagues. Other than the Legend of Zelda remix. Dear God, that was terrible.

Now, more on topic! I'm currently working on an album. It's kinda a concept album, and it's going to be titled, "Liquid Versus The Machine."
It's going to include several genres, notably dance, electro house, and trance. I love me some trance. And I'm sure that I'll throw in at LEAST one ambient song. I will post every song to go onto the album on Newgrounds until I end up releasing the album. Then I'll pull them off Newgrounds for freesies, and you'll be able to go to My Bandcamp to either get the songs for freesies, OR you'll be able to buy the whole album and get BONUS SONGS! :D

Everybody loves getting more bang for their buck, right? Well, these BONUS SONGS!!! won't be available for free, nor will they be available to buy on their own. I don't even think they'll be in the track listing. You will HAVE to buy the album to acquire the bonus songs.

I know it seems like a cheap ploy to get people to end up paying me for my music because...
It is. Because I'm a poor high school student. I need teh moneyz.

Keep in mind, they won't be a "part" of the album, and therefor won't necessarily keep up the vibe or general idea from the rest of the album.

Oh, I almost forgot: it is quite possible that at least one song on the album will have vocals of some kind. Said vocals will be performed by myself and/or several of my close friends in real life, notably: Griem, Social Sound, my other fellow members of Shinryakugun, and likely others.

P.S. If you check out Griem's stuff... Don't judge him based on what he's got here. It sucks, because that was from, you know, two years ago. When we both just started. He has evolved since then, but hasn't been sharing his music with the rest of the world for whatever reason.

Though, he IS currently working on an album of his own. I think.

Still, the point of this entire post being: I'm working on an album. And I'm getting you guys psyched for it. And I've got the album art already!

Working on an album!


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2011-10-03 01:43:58

LIES, you don't need money in HS!

DJSpire responds:

You do when your parents make you pay rent, buy your own food, buy your own clothes, buy your own... (and the list goes on.)

What I'm saying is, when your parents are douchebags, then yeah, you absolutely need money in HS.