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52 Weeks of Music

2011-10-10 18:40:22 by DJSpire

So yeah.
Starting with the first week of 2012, I'm going to release a song every week.
Kinda like what ZHU is doing. Actually, EXACTLY like what ZHU is doing.

Yeah, I'm taking someone else's idea, not the point.

I really think that forcing myself to pump out a song every seven days, especially with being a high school student, will force me to evolve as a musician. Especially since they're not going to be all the same thing. I'm sure a decent percentage will be trance and dance, but I'll probably throw in at least one song for every "main" electronic genre, (i.e. dubstep, DnB, ambient, house, industrial, techno, video game, IDM/glitch, hardstyle, maybe jumpstyle, and maybe a few more genres.)

I think it will help me in the long run. Not many people are capable of being innovative every day of the year.

Oh, and I think it will help that I'll have one extra day in 2012 ;D


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