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Sleepless nights, litres of coffee, and lots of music

2011-12-05 01:24:34 by DJSpire

This is just kinda an update in general. Overall, it might seem kinda lackadaisical.

Alright, so, I'm getting used to sleeping even less than I did before, which was already less than I should. My new picture is me after being awake for 50 hours and having 7 litres of coffee in the 8 hours directly preceding the picture.

And lots of music. I've been expanding my musical listening horizon, and I've recently come to enjoy a bit of rap, especially 2pac. Say what you will, he was a damn good artist. I've got to say, as boring and monotonous as it is, Deadmau5 is a decent producer. High production quality, boring as hell. Skrillex still isn't dubstep.

AP Music Theory is still a breeze of a class. We've only recently really started melodic dictation, and it's not that bad. If the AP test will be like that, I ought to do fine. Though, I think secondary dominant 7th chords might mess me up a tiny bit later on.

Speaking of common era music, I'm going to start writing orchestral/film/video game type stuff in addition to my electronic music. That ought to be a welcome refresh from trance piece after trance piece after dance piece after (etc.)

Mmm. Later today, I have an audition. Percussion. Fun stuff. A four mallet marimba piece, a two mallet marimba etude, a timpani etude, and a snare etude. The four mallet is pretty awesome, and I made an electronic remix of it; I'll post it here if I get permission from the composer. The two mallet is kinda meh, it's just a Goldenberg exercise. Nothing special. It's enjoyable, but not something I'd choose to play to make somebody happy. The timpani etude is epic! I think of myself as a rockstar when I play the timpani etude. Play big and fast. But still have to keep good tone quality. Such is the dilemma of a timpanist. And the snare, no big deal. Just a lot of 32nd notes and dynamic changes. Like, from fff sfz rooftop accented to ppp. Instantly. Anyway, here's a link to a page with recordings of the etudes. This sentence is the link to the page with the recordings.

Oh, and my biggest two projects going on right now!

1) Liquid Versus The Machine - Album/EP
I'm hoping to finish Liquid Versus The Machine by the end of the year. If not, no big deal. But it's my biggest hope, production-wise, right now. I'm thinking about going Electro-House right in the middle of it, get all Skrillex-y on ya'll. Maybe some French House or Prog, Daft Punk and Benassi style. Acid Trance? Goa. Gabber. DnB. Jungle. I dunno, you guys drop a comment and tell me what you'd like.

Basically, once a week, every week, for 52 weeks, starting the first week of 2012, I'm going to release a song. Pretty much exactly like what ZHU is doing. Except, instead of staying within the bounds of one genre family, like he's doing with his prog-electro-house, I'm going to be all over the place, with just about every EDM genre thrown in there. Then, I'm going to release the entire collection at the end of 2012 on my Bandcamp, for all you beautiful people to download and possibly buy. :D

Speaking of my Bandcamp, check it out!

And, now I've gotta go get some rest.

Sleepless nights, litres of coffee, and lots of music


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2011-12-05 19:21:30

I might have to check out some of your tunes.