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No more music :(

2011-12-19 15:48:34 by DJSpire

Looks like I won't be putting out any more music for a while. My external sound card just died, and that's been my only way of having a decent listening experience. The headphone jack that's actually a part of my laptop is broken, and my external sound card is broken... I'm NOT making music with the single speaker that's a part of my laptop.

I've got no money for this cause, and a vehicle is a bit more important to me than a sound card, at the moment.

However, you guys can help with one part of this (the vehicle) by all going and paying one dollar for any of my songs at my bandcamp That would make my day. I get enough of you guys to go and do that, I can get a vehicle, I can get a new sound card, and maybe even a better computer for making music.

But I need a LOT of you guys to go do that. What's it going to hurt, it's one dollar. Please?

No more music :(


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2011-12-19 17:22:09

Well that fucking sucks. Good luck on getting that cash for a replacement.


2011-12-19 20:10:50

I got the problem, the headphone jack stopped working :o You could buy a (temporary) USB headset tho, not as expensive as a soundcard.

DJSpire responds:

Not the same quality, though.
I'm also an audiophile, and I listen to music ALL the time.


2011-12-20 04:02:22

get a job my friend? :)
it pays more then just 1 dollar....

DJSpire responds:

You know, I'm actually trying.
But because I live kinda in the middle of nowhere, and the economy isn't exactly the best right now, store owners won't hire somebody who's "inexperienced."



2011-12-30 17:34:34

Fixed it. :D