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Guys, I need help...

2012-02-01 18:32:51 by DJSpire

Hey, um...

Hi. I need your help.

Yes, I'm going to be begging here, in a way. I need money.
I need about $2000 dollars in the next 40 days. I need a vehicle. Parents won't help at all, I'm moving out in 42 days, whether or not I have a vehicle. I'll have my license in 40 days. I need you guys to help.

I could go into detail about WHY I'm moving out here, I have plenty of room (30000+ characters,) but I won't. Instead, I'll put up a page on my website, which I'll come back and link to here, explaining the whole situation. EDIT: Here's the link to the homepage of the explanation

If you feel it in your heart, you can send me some money through PayPal. My paypal e-mail address is

Any amount will be appreciated. $1, $10, $25, whatever you can spare. I need to get out, and I need you all to help.

EDIT: ALSO! If I end up getting more than $2000, any excess money will go towards new sound equipment for better music for all of you guys. I'm currently producing on an Acer Aspire 5252. Not exactly premium environment to be making music.


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2012-02-02 01:19:39

No offence but why would anyone want to help you pay for a car, Buy it yourself how are you planning on paying for petrol if you cant even support yourself.You dont need a car, or haven't given a good reason to "Need" one. this is more of a want. How about Get a job or make some tracks for money >.> Good luck with it anyway.

DJSpire responds:

Read the page that I put up before you make uninformed responses.
Where I live, I can't get a job without a car, and I can't get a car without a job.
I DO support myself doing odd jobs, as in, I buy my own food, I pay rent in my parents house, etcetera.

I've put a job application in with every single place in both of the towns surrounding me, which are up to 10 miles away. How would I get there, even if they DID hire me, without a car.

And I don't have that thing called "time" for making tracks for money anymore.


2012-02-02 13:47:58

I don't see a reason to spare some money toward a stranger. But, You could do a loan in a bank. Then pay later. That must be the appropriate way to do it rather than ask the NG community, which have a small chance that they will spare you a dollar. It seems impossible for me to attain $2000 in 40 days through donations. Good luck anyways.

DJSpire responds:

Unfortunately, I'm still a minor. For 41 days, of course.

Ergo, I can't go get a loan from a bank. I figured, since the internet is the most wide, diverse forum in the world, that somebody would take pity on me.


2012-02-02 14:23:15

Damn, your situation fucking sucks. Luckily, I recommended you to Newgrounds legend, Doomhammr.

DJSpire responds:

Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Hopefully somebody out there helps me. :)