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2012-02-21 22:03:10 by DJSpire

Hey gaiz.

I've got a challenge here :)

I'm going to make a nice little soundset with only the default FL Studio 9 stuff, Sylenth1, and some of my samples. Then you guys can take the soundset, and make a song.

-You CAN NOT remove any effects from any channel
-You CAN add effects to a channel
-You CAN route a channel to another channel for more than 8 effects on a sound
-You MUST use only sounds from the soundset
-You CAN automate any parameter in anything
-You MUST post the finished result on Newgrounds
-You MUST list me in the credits
-You CAN NOT change the equalizer on the Master Channel

That's all I can think of for now. I'll post the link to the soundset at a later point in time (very soon).


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