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So, I'm finally 18

2013-04-16 00:20:41 by DJSpire

Well, I turned 18 last month. A month and a day ago. Still haven't played the lotto.

Anywho, onto a more important point - a good friend of mine (and coincidentally one of my teachers) just released a tune here on Newgrounds, as well as on SoundCloud for the MassiveSynth and SynthMob contest for a Maschine.

I am just asking that you guys go and repost his tune on SoundCloud so as to help him win. Tons of listens and reposts and reviews ought to be quite helpful, yeah?

Here's the SoundCloud link, and here's the NewGrounds page:

Seriously, thank you all, and you are appreciated. You're cool.


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2013-04-16 03:52:36


DJSpire responds:

Yaaaaaayyyyyyy indeeeeeeeed!!!


2013-04-16 20:24:01

i don't care that your 18 at all

DJSpire responds:

Then why on Earth did you click on the link? Or comment?

Oh, and if you're going to be an ass, which NewGrounds warns you to not be in comments, at least use correct grammar.


2013-04-16 22:08:31

If your looking for correct grammar i would suggest leaving the internet

DJSpire responds:

If you're looking to be an ass, I suggest trying it in person so you can get your face smashed in.
See how that feels? Not too nice now is it? Now, stop being a prick and go troll elsewhere.


2013-04-17 07:54:24

Grats dude!

DJSpire responds:

Thanks, mate!


2013-04-17 18:46:25

I reviewed your teacher's song.

DJSpire responds:

So I saw. I liked the criticism.
Incidentally, he's my percussion teacher, so he knows stuff about stuff when it comes to music.


2013-04-18 13:00:22

I havn't said anything that should get you mad, I havn't used any profain language against you, I have not tried to threaten you with ridiculous claims of toughness because 'I'm 18 now and such a badass'. I have tried to joke around with you which you clearly appear as someone without a sense of humor. Wake up, this is Newgrounds, not a tea party.

DJSpire responds:

So, in an series of unfortunate events, yet another thread on the internet has fallen victim to the problem with text: inflection is not properly reflected. I, nor anybody else, could under any circumstances know that you were trying to joke around from the initial comment of "i don't care that your 18 at all" and then the redux of "If your looking for correct grammar i would suggest leaving the internet."

Moreover, I'm not entirely sure from where the "I'm 18 now and such a badass" comment originated. I never said, nor implied such a thing; you could not possibly be the source, as your profile lists 16 for your age. The only thing place that I can think of "threaten[ing] you with ridiculous claims of toughness" could have come from would be my comment regarding "trying [being an ass] in person" to "get your face smashed in," but I was not referring to myself smashing your face in, nor you saying that to me in person. Rather, I was recommending that you attempt to be so blatantly condescending to anybody in person and see their reaction. The internet creates anonymity and a sense of security that you can hide behind to say and do things you likely would never attempt in real life. For the record: if this situation were to occur face-to-face, my reactions would be quite similar, if not identical to these on this post.

Thirdly, I have no idea how Newgrounds and a tea party correlate. Apples and oranges, anybody? (Funny, because you actually do compare apples to oranges in economics...)

Next up, "ass," in the context which I used it in, is not profane. I was referring to the attitude that you seemed to have taken through the text as being characteristic of an ass, or a donkey. However, donkey does not have the same ring to it. Synonyms, gotta love 'em.

Lastly, I would like to attempt to reconcile what has occurred here, and start from a fresh slate.
Hi, I am mod15, and I would like to be amicable and perhaps even collaborate in the future, because you seem to put out some quality music, and also seem to be a pretty happy dude. I remember four years ago, when I started producing music, and I also remember two years ago, when I was your age; you are significantly better than I was when I was sixteen.

The internet sucks at conveying emotion. You and I have both seemed to misunderstand each other. I did not slander you. I would like to get along with you. Also, while Newgrounds and tea parties cannot be compared, apples and oranges can when it comes to cross-price elasticity.


2013-04-20 09:20:42

I didn't read any of what you just said but, I don't care at all that your 18


2013-04-20 09:22:01

Alright i just read what you said, and yes maybe a collab in the future does sound nice. Do you use fruity loops?

DJSpire responds:

Indeed I do.


2013-04-25 17:46:40

A belated Happy Birthday then! :) Will check out the NG version.


2013-04-28 02:24:32

naw man 21 where its at