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So, this week

2011-09-06 23:28:04 by DJSpire

So, this week, it looks like I might actually have a chance at getting in the Best of the Week audio.

Maybe. That would really make my entire week. I've just had a shiiiiiiitty past 7 days, I really need something like that to boost my confidence.

So yeah, if anybody reads this, be kind?
Or don't, whatever.

*thumbs up*

I'm having extreme issues...

2011-09-02 17:43:08 by DJSpire

Nothing is really working with Newgrounds for me.

I'm trying to upload a song, it gets stuck.
I upload a song, people zero bomb it, whether it's "good" or not.

However, I'm going to keep trying. I think.


2011-08-24 00:06:53 by DJSpire

Alright. This is just fucking ridiculous.

I had a few songs that I honestly thought would make it into either the top5 for the week, or the top30 of "all time."

They were at 4.49, 4.51, etc. Pretty damn high.

Then right at 10:59, my time, they all got 0bombed. Because some jackasses wanted those spots. The system needs a huge fucking reform.

I'm no longer posting full songs to Newgrounds. Not until the corrupt system is fixed.

I was honestly excited, maybe people would actually start seeing my music, you know, if it got to the front page. But I didn't self vote, I didn't 0bomb other people. I was going to let it all take its course.

Then this. Fuck Newgrounds audio portal, and everything it stands for. Because it's rotting.

All of my music is going to soundcloud and bandcamp from now on, the full versions at least. NG might get samples, cuts of songs. But until the system is fixed, no more full versions on here.

Newdity EP

2011-08-08 22:36:57 by DJSpire

Yeah, it's done. You can get it here. for those of you who might not be able to click the link for whatever reason.
If you made a donation, I would appreciate it forever. Or if you don't, it's fine. All the songs were uploaded as 32bit WAV files, and you can download them as WAV, flac, mp3 320, aiff, etc...

Mental Torture (song lyrics)

2011-08-03 11:22:32 by DJSpire

It's another one
Of those days
I don't need you here
Hurting me again
So get out, get out
(time 1)Of my life
(time 2)Of my face

You're helping me?
Hurting me?
I dunno what you're doin' to me!

I can see your face
Always smiling at me
While your soul inside
Wants to smother me
Strangle me
Extinguish me

I hear you say
That you love me
That I please you
But the only truth
Is that I disgust you!


2011-08-02 22:59:18 by DJSpire

I'm doing music stuff. Pretty much like normal. Except I'm (in my opinion) getting better. I'm getting faster, and my music is coming out better in general.

However, I'm heavily involved in a few bands right now. School band, an indie-rock-metal-genreless band, The Same To All People, and a few solo acts. So... I need money. For various things. If you feel like being generous and stuff, contact me. For reals.


2011-01-01 10:46:06 by DJSpire

Welcome back, Newgrounds! It's great to be back. Got me a laptop for Christmas, time to start producing some music again! Now gonna go by mod15, since I'm really a producer and not a DJ, but it's whatever.

No updates for forever!!!

2010-01-31 03:57:01 by DJSpire


My computer completely said, "Fuck you, Spire." Nothing happens when do anything. No more music or anything for quite a while. Writing this from a friend's computer.

I need about US$600 to get anything close to a functional computer again. I have nothing.

Mah EP Cover

2009-11-19 21:17:19 by DJSpire

My future EP, which will be for sale, $0.99 per song or the entire album for an undecided price, has a cover. That I made. God, I love Photoshop. Also, tell me what you think about the Cover. I like it, but that's cause I made it. I'm biased xD

Mah EP Cover